Rock Chip Repair for Auto and Truck Glass
Serving Customers in the Omaha, NE area

Rock chip repair is a 20 to 30 minute process in our climate controlled repair facility. Chip repair is a practical and cost effective way to restore the integrity of your windshield without replacement. Stop by our location to see if your rock chip is repairable.

Many insurance companies will waive your comprehensive deductible and cover the cost of the repair.

We are a preferred insurance vendor and would be happy to assist you in setting up your claim. Our technicians are trained and certified in rock chip repair. Call us today to set up an appointment.

The Procedure

A windshield is repaired by injecting ultraviolet light curable resin into the damaged area of the glass. The resin is cured, creating a bond between the portions of the windshield separated by the damage. A successful repair prevents the damage from spreading to unaffected areas of the windshield. The results of a windshield repair are subject to many uncontrollable variables. The age, type, location and size of the break can all have adverse effects on the outcome.

With this in mind, please note the following

  • A repaired windshield is still broken. The repair simply stops the damage from spreading.
  • A windshield repair is not for cosmetic purposes. In most cases, the damage visibility will be decreased, but cosmetic improvement is not guaranteed.
  • Our company is not responsible for additional windshield damage occurring during repair.
  • 98% of all attempted repairs are successful. The customer must pay for the repair whether successful or not.
  • All repairs attempted are guaranteed. If the repair attempt fails, or the damage spreads, we will deduct the price of the repair from the purchase price of a new windshield. There is no time limit on this warranty. A paid receipt is necessary for all claims.